online or offline
Sightseeing Tour E-learning
  • Interactive walk with based on real stories of people
  • Humanising the words diversity and inclusion
  • Elearning does not test knowledge but offers a 30 minutes experience
  • Many interations and no passive cliking on buttons "next"
  • Quick and easy, comperhending for all levels and positions in the organisation
  • We can tailore make the course to your culture/country specific and to your language preference
    DEI Workshops and Talks
    • Diversity and inclusion in hiring
    • Gender, age, political correctness, sexual harassment
    • Cross cultural cooperation
    • Unconscious biases and microaggression
    • Inclusive leadership
    • Women in leadership
    • Values - mindfulness - wellbeing
      Lenght & format tailored made
    Living Library
    • Books are authentic people who share their experience through a story telling and discussion in a small groups
    • Excellent tool for opening a dialogue and topics on DEI. Helps in self reflection and building on empathy
    • Reduces tendency of judgments and biases towards others
    • Worldwide program, OPIM approved by the Council of Europe to use the method. We organise also for schools. In 2020 we received acknowledgment in SDGs Award.
    Online 2 hrs | offline 3 hrs up to half day
      Game Power & Privilege
      • Jumping into other skin and cognitive thinking
      • Facing decision and discovering power and privileges
      • Self reflection of own privileges
      • Empathy to understand the team and colleagues & allyship
      • Helps leaders to comprehend uniqueness of teams
      • Microaggressions in a real time
      Online 2 hrs | offline 3 hrs
      Teambuilding with DEI Outreach
      • Aims at understanding people's differences, communication and cooperation in diverse teams
      • Strengthens communication skills, self-reflection, works with change and prejudices
      • Strengthens peer to peer support and
      • Tailor-Made
      Lenght min. 3 hours - 1 day
        Our DEI programs support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).