Diversity suits us

We work with diversity as a driver for innovation and inclusion as a way to utilize diverse human potentials.
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Employee engagement, retention and profitability increase when people feel
they belong and can bring their authentic self to a company. We help to develop an inclusive workplace with a non-discriminatory and inclusive culture. We can develop a complex strategy and communication in line with the company goals and needs.
We create educational and awareness building events.

Business cases where diversity is a driver and inclusion is the road.
The design of the grow.kiwi.com program for Kiwi.com was launched by OPIM in 2018 and is focused on parents. The goal was to be ready for a baby boom as there were 17 women on maternity, 50 % of women with an average age of 25 years in the company. The program is helping women taking maternity leave and later parental leave for mothers and fathers. A systematic communication, line managers involvement, processes, open talks, info packs on legal and practical issues. Parents remain in regular contact with the firm, have access to education, and thanks to the program 30 % of parents whilst being on a leave have had part-time jobs in the company (2021). On average, parents return back to full-time within 18 months.
Trainings for managers and recruiters on diversity and unconscious bias for L'Oreal Nordic helped to increase male reps from 22 % to 50 % during 2 years. Diversity and inclusion are amongst first top priorities for Danske Bank, moving from compliance-focused diversity to leader owned diversity.
Outsourced consulting and surveyed data steered the Diversity roadmap and a set of educational activities and supportive measures have taken off. The vast shift to mid-management support and increasing female rep in leading positions by 10 % was achieved in 1,5 years.
I worked with Jana Tikalova in Kiwi.com, at that time we had 50% of women and the average age of employees was 27 years. We needed to be prepared and have some program in place to make sure Kiwis stay Kiwis during parental leave. Jana helped us to design a grow.kiwi.com program for parents and managers.
Jana is a great professional, patient listener and a good human. She provided us with the options, shared her honest feedback and views. I highly recommend Jana's services in the diversity & inclusion area to anyone who doesn't want to stay on the surface and wants to ensure a meaningful impact in the area.

Kateřina Gábová
VP of People at Slido
Former Chief HR Officer at Kiwi.com
We partnered up with OPIM to help us launching diversity and inclusion topics in our SKODA Academy. The team has developed and executed a set of modular workshops within our Diversity programs for students and teachers. I was absolutely pleased with a very professional approach, interactive and engaging activities. I highly recommend OPIM as your partner in diversity and inclusion, and to experience their program Living Library.
Sandra Lacinová
Bursar of ŠKODA AUTO Univeristy
Former Coordinator of ŠKODA AUTO, Vocational School of Mechanical Engineering
I joined a training delivered by Jana Tikalova from OPIM to Prazdroj´s leadership team and appreciated her approach where she not only proved her knowledge of the topic and very good facilitation skills but also prepared special training reflecting team and company specifics. Jana is a passionate professional with a clear purpose to build better diversity and inclusion in Czech society and business.
Drahomíra Mandíková
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Asahi Europe & International