About us

We help organizations to work with diverse teams and leverage diversity with organization's culture, vision and goals.
Our Values
We believe, respect and welcome diversity. We aim at society with equal opportunities. We are open to diverse perspectives and cooperation.
We innovate with 'out of the box' thinking approach and design thinking methods.
We react to the changes in
a society by developing tools using modern technologies.
Human-centric approach and human relations are our focus in any cooperation. We help others to understand the uniqueness of individuals and their needs. Empathy helps us to find the right solutions for our clients and partners.
We aim at a society where diversity is not a barrier. We develop networks with
like-minded people and
organisations. We exchange our expertise, build empowerment and support.
The founder of OPIM is Jana Tikalová who has been devoted to DEI over 20 years. Her story began with her summer job in London when she was sixteen. She understood the importance of transferring her belief that offering equal opportunities to everybody is not only morally right thing to do, but it also brings lots of advantages. Jana founded OPIM during her anthropology studies at the age of twentytwo, and became a member of the Council fo Europe training platform for D&I and human rights.
We benefit from two decades of our experiences from the Czech Republic, other countries and continents, cooperations with professional organisations and partners e.g. Council of Europe, United Nations, UNICEF or DEI flagship in Denmark, the Living Institute.
Our Team
Founder and CEO of OPIM
Vision and challenge are my adrenalin.
IT support & Development
I love tech innovations and coding.
Business Development
Strategies and tech are my passion.
Operations & Communication
Plan and give tasks the right order.
Webdesigner Diversity Talent Pool
Creativity and detail light up my webs.
Trainer and facilitator
Heckle diverse opinions and dialogues.
Cofounder of D&I Shapers
Fearless of big firm transformations.
B2C & Living Libary schools
People and young gen connector.
Frontend Diversity Talent Pool
Coding is my daily bread from the uni.
Cooperating with OPIM
Eva Švejdarová
UX experience and research
Trainer & facilitator - Mindfulness